The Purpose and Mission of the Old Fashion Preacher is to preach & publish the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the Bible gives instructions and examples as to how the Word is to be Preached &Published. As time goes by, our readers and subscribers will come to understand and know just how the Early Church Preached Jesus to the lost people of their day.

The Early Church was a place where every time they came together, Christ was the purpose and reason for their fellowship and gathering. The widows and orphans were taken care of in a Godly fashion. Many people sold their extra properties and goods in order to give to the Disciples and Deacons so that they might fund what things were needed to furnish the Ministry of benevolence and upkeep as it arose. The Disciples gave their time to soul winning and the Deacons gave their time to the daily business of looking after the needs of the people. At first they met daily in the houses of those who offered their homes as gathering places for the followers of Christ. It is not known just how long these conditions continued but one can imagine it was for long time.

In our Modern Day and Time, you can see what a difference has taken place through time. Not only do Christians not meet daily but most Churches have discontinued the Sunday Evening Service and in a lot of cases the Wednesday Night Service also. Many Churches in order to gain enough members to fund the financial requirements of operations for their Church, have soften the Gospel to appeal to more liberal life styles in order to inspire people to give of their financial means. Many Churches have called Pastors who do not preach the true Gospel of Christ.

The Popular Sermon of the Modern Day does not mention the BLOOD that was shed by Jesus Christ on the Cross for the remission of sin. The modern Church says that it is not a good thing to preach a Bloody Religeon and it might just scare people away from Church and that would be a bad thing. They will not tell the horrors of Hell and the Lake of Fire. They do not warn people if they die without accepting Christ and His Blood bought Sacrifice for sin that they will spend Eternity in the Torments of the Lake of Fire. They do not tell that Jesus was beaten so much and so hard until He actually resembled a piece of  meat you might see in the butcher’s display case at the market place. Isaiah 52:14 Tells us that He was beaten worse than any man had been beaten and His visage was so marred He could not be identified. Have you ever heard this preached from the Pulpit of your Church.

The Old Saying that you can draw more flies with sugar than vinegar is really true and the same goes for Churches. You can get more members with a sugar coated Gospel than you can with the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. Too many Preachers and Pastors have eased up on Preaching the True Gospel and have insured their office will continue on for as long as they continue to NOT PREACH THE GOSPEL of CHRIST.

Well, no one is paying my bills except God and no on can fire me from my position as the Old Fashion Preacher, so if you want to hear the Gospel of Christ and hear what thus saith the Word of God, then check back with the Old Fashion Preacher on a regular basis. This is where you can learn what “Thus saith the Lord.” Only the Gospel of  Christ and the Bible will be spoken and published here.